torsdag 29. november 2012

Christmas Prep with Cloud & Bob

Time is ticking, and December is almost here! Jeez, time flies...  There is still a lot of preparations to be done, cookies to be baked, decorations and gifts to be bought, you name it.

A tiny bit of Christmas has managed to sneak in the door so far...

Not a lot, but hey, it's a start! He he :)

We were just talking about the Christmas tree here the other day, and we're wondering how to do it this year.  In Portugal they put the tree in a big pot with dirt, and here in Norway we have a specific base to hold the tree in place where we poor some water into...  How do you guys do it?
I wonder how Cloud and Tifa will react to all the Christmas activities - not to mention the tree!  I'm sure they're gonna help out... re-decorating it.

My family also usually decorates for Christmas on the 23rd of December, and that's when the tree goes up as well.  I was thinking that this year for us it's going to be Christmassy all December.  Much more cozy!

I'm all giddy about the whole decoration thing this year.  It's going to be fun!  And of course, I'll be posting pictures to show how it finally turns out in the end.

Thursday greetings from Cloud and Bob (...or whatever is still left of him anyways)

Have a good one peeps!

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