mandag 7. januar 2013

Dose spway and Ditting

Dose spway and ditting?  Yeah, before I got the nose spray today I actually sounded like that, I'm not kidding. Gotta love it...

This picture more or less describes my day today: Medication, coffee, tissues, nose spray, etc, etc.

The cold of decided to take at turn for the worse and kept me and the entire house entertained all night unfortunately.
I was the one who kept the cats awake during the night and not the other way around for once - that has never happened before.

I had to run to the pharmacy to stock up, and passed by the bakery, Baker Hansen, to get a double cappuccino.  Mmmmm yumI'm sure that cappuccino did wonders on the cold somehow ;)

I think it's really cozy that they have a few lines about the enjoyment of coffee written by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, a Norwegian writer who among other things wrote the Norwegian national anthem, on the cup!


Especially sweet is the little ornamental Norwegian writing saying "Kos deg" at the bottom, which is the same as "enjoy yourself" in English.  It made me smile in my strange fuzzy haze that was today.

That's one of the things I miss about Starbucks actually... remember those cute little lines and sayings they used to have on their cups?  Do they still have those?  They always made me smile.  :)

Anywho, so that's all from me for today I'm afraid.  Time for some more dose spway and ditting!

Have a good one guys and gals!

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