onsdag 23. januar 2013

EOS for Winter Hands

It's morning here in Norway, and here the temperature is minus 17 degrees Celsius...come on weather, is that really necessary?

During winter the skin on my hands gets incredible dry, so I end up carrying hand lotion with me everywhere in my bag.  I've tested out tons of different lotions, but I think I've found myself a new favorite when I stumbled across this pretty little thing at Boots.

The first thing that caught my eye was the design - and as we all know, I'm a sucker for some fun design.

Pink and shaped like a stone, it kinda had me at hello.  ;)

There are other colors if pink doesn't rock your boat.  It leaves your hands silky smooth, and the smell is absolutely lovely.  This was just a must for me now in the cold winter weather.

It fits perfectly into small pockets in both jackets and purse, smells amazing, is great for the skin, and looks adorable - what else can a girl ask for in a hand lotion?

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