tirsdag 1. januar 2013

Moments - New Years Eve

Today is a day for sleeping late, wearing pajama all day long, home spa and yoga.  I'm still sore from my previous heavy duty session in the gym, so today is a good day for less hustle and bustle, relaxation and wellness.

I'm now sitting here with my favorite coffee and mom made Christmas cookies while browsing through pictures from the wonderful passing of the year yesterday.

Hope you're all comfy and fuzzy wherever you are ♥

New Years Eve equipment!

It was so foggy and murky on our way to Ekeberg that we were really worried that the sky would just be a grey soup - in other words instead of a spectacular fireworks display there would be random flashes of light and some muffled bangs... 

Luckily that was not the case!  The fog lifted, and we had the most amazing view for our dinner.

Outside the beautiful restaurant at Ekeberg in Oslo.  My little black dress, faux fur and Seaside heels ♥

View from the restaurant

It was a four course meal, and it was lovely.  Here is our main dish which was reindeer.  ...Sorry Rudolf.

The best desert! Berry sorbet, cheesecake, mango mousse and chocolate fondant! Yum!  The chocolate was to die for.
A little something to go with the coffee.
Miss Happy Camper

And then the year was coming to and end...
..and everyone moved outside or to the nearest window to get a better look at the beautiful display.  The view was stunning!

♥ Amazing way to celebrate New Years Eve ♥

And then the evening was over, and so is 2012...

...so it's time to welcome 2013, and wish everyone the best for the year to come!

Hugs, kisses and all the best!

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