fredag 25. januar 2013

Mornings & Squats

Look at the amazing sight that met me this morning!  Is there a better feeling in the world then this?

These pants were so tight that I had problems closing the top button some months ago.
Now, if that's not a good start to the day I don't know what is! :)  Happy Camper!

So, time for some morning work-out!  Today was a nice heavy leg session with a dash of some core exercises.

Todays Work-out:
Treadmill: 10 minutes incline 12 speed 6.5
Leg Extensions
Squats - Barbell
Leg curls
Side Crunches

You know the feeling of being stuck and not getting anywhere? 
I feel that I'm at a point where no matter how heavy and hard I go, I don't get that sore anymore or feel like jelly like I used to after a tough work-out.  To me feeling of muscles complaining after work-out increases the feeling of accomplishment. You know what I mean? I really want to feel my muscle working.

You could argue that I need to just put more weight, but I'm really lifting my max.  If I put more, either I simply can't budge it, or my technique starts suffering.  I need a tougher challenge!

The result of this was me going over to my PT and poking him in the shoulder, asking him to turn up the heat!  So, I basically gave him a challenge for our next session: his goal is to have me crawling out of the gym! 
Yeah.... this is going to be interesting! I can't wait to see what he's got in store for me! :)

So, if you feel stuck - change something!  Whatever you do, just - don't - quit!  :)  It IS worth it!

Work-out tip - Squats with Barbell:
When doing squats with barbell a common mistake is thinking that the main goal is to go as heavy as possible, and that the amount of kilos is the most important thing when it comes to this exercise.

Don't get me wrong, of course you need to think weight and push it too the max, but there is something a lot more important: how far down you go!  Only put weight that allows you to go all the way down to a 90 degrees angle from the floor.  This way you work all your leg muscles, and get max out of the exercise.

A lot of weight might look impressive, but it's not as effective.  :)

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