torsdag 14. februar 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

a crochet heart necklace for the occation;)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Hope you have a wonderful day in the company of loved ones!

Here we are preparing for a big dinner with friends and a packed weekend, so it's going to be a busy busy Valentines for us without much celebration.  Believe it or not, after all these Valentines posts, we're not really big on romantics. :)  Well, of course, flowers are a must!  Valentines is a great excuse to buy flowers.
I just happened to come across so much awesome looking inspiration that I just had to share it.  I'm a share-o-maniac. Seriously.

Roses with a very special meaning in numbers ♥

Well, I hope you enjoyed the inspiration posts!  Maybe someone is even baking the super cute muffins with a heart inside?  I would totally gotten all silly if someone served me one of those - so cute! Ha ha :) 

The Three Fuzzies

♥♥♥ Loads of love, hugs, kisses and all that from Cloud, Tifa & Moi!  ♥♥♥

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