fredag 8. februar 2013

Lazy Friday & Kitty Latte Art

Today is the kinda day where I just want to snuggle up in the sofa with a big cup of tea, and just knit with the TV on in the background. 

Tired, half sick and with sore muscles.  Can't say a trip to the Gym is very tempting right now.  You know, one of those days where you really really don't feel like working out... or lifting a finger for that matter.  Just want to snuggle up in a big warm sweater with a fluffy blanket.

You know latte art?  It's amazing.   :)
A friend of mine sent me this little latte kitty on Facebook today, and it was so cute that I just had to share. 

Not long after, as always, I started looking for more latte kitties.  Look at these little cuties!

Absolutely awesome.  I would love to try it out some day.  Might start with something a tad easier though, like... I dunno, a circle?  ;)

You might be interested in hearing that I've been experimenting in the kitchen!
This time I've been trying to create my very own buns - high in protein, low in carbs.  I'm all crazy for buns, always have been, so here I'm rather picky.  They turned out pretty yummy!  ;)

I'll share the recipe later!

Cloud wishes you all a great Friday!  :)

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