søndag 3. februar 2013

Picture Moments - Saturday Carbs & Norwegian Food market

Yesterday we spent most of the day in Oslo, exploring Skøyen.  I haven't been walking around in the streets of Skøyen for quite some time, and it's fun to see how much things has changed.

We went to our old regular coffee shop and looked outside on the busy Saturday streets.  I love love love Kaffebrenneriet! :)  I mean look at that huge cup!  Perfection!

Miss happy camper in her home knitted Marius sweater!  Loving a huge latte while stealing parts of a lovely carby cookie from her husband!

After our lovely coffee break, we headed over to the food market that has opened in Skøyen - Maschmanns Matmarked.  I've just got one thing to say: ...Wow!
I was expecting the same type of silly food hall (Mathallen i Bergen) that they opened in Bergen - which I find to be a joke - but this, this was some serious stuff!

In contrast to Mathallen i Bergen that sells already filleted fish and that's mainly that, they actually had a large variety of different foods:  Fish, whole, dried and filleted, tons of seafood, cow in various cuts and sizes, pork, poultry including mountain birds still whole, different types of rice, oils, spices... I could go on and on.
So far I think one of the best selections I've seen in Norway.

Yo Bergen! *waving*  Heads up - Get one of these!   People would go crazy in a split second and run down your doors!

Now it's time for a nice and calm Sunday, watching my R playing on the ps3 while I knit, and then we finish it off with a traditional Norwegian course for dinner - Pinnekjøtt.  First time ever we're cooking it ourselves - practicing for dinner guests  ;)
I'm crossing my fingers for it turning out alright.

Hope you're having a smashing weekend!

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