mandag 11. mars 2013

Camo Cravings - Better Bodies

Kicking off the new week with a nice long session in the gym this morning.  Today it was time for some heavy duty chest and biceps.

Today's Session:
Bench Press - Dumbbells
Bench Press - Barbell, Flat
Flyes - Dumbbells
Cable Crossover, Chest
Cable Crossover, Upper Back
Dumbbell Curl - Standing
Barbell Curl - Standing
Cable Curl - Standing

I'm sure you've heard people, especially representing the big sport brands, going on and on about how much better you'll feel after filling your wardrobe with new and colorful work-out garments, how it will boost your motivation and mood... a little miracle in fabric form.  You know what, the funny thing is that they're actually right.  I wouldn't go as far as calling it a miracle mind you, but a boost, absolutely!

I swapped my black larger work-out T-shirt for a more fitted shock pink version.... and it actually made me feel better.   They're exactly the same T-shirt, only difference is size and color. 

I'm all for black, but I have to say that wearing a bright pink t-shirt feels surprisingly great in the morning!  Strange feeling when a color makes you want to bounce? Ha ha! :) 

Now, staying on the same subject, here you have some serious motivation. 
These guys below are some of the fitness models working together with the brand Better Bodies.  To me, these guys are really inspiring.  Being able to mold yourself to this level takes a lot of dedication and will. 

...I think it's going to take a while before I reach that level, but hey we all need goals right?  ;)

Well, as I mentioned above, there are other forms of motivation while we work for better bodies, and what's better then some new work-out wear from Better Bodies! ;)
(ouch, my humor is rising to new hights.)

But honestly, I've fallen head over heals for their camo tops for women. I love army inspired clothing, but I think it's easy to go overboard with large jackets and pants.  I prefer to tone it down.  
I've been looking all over for some descent tank tops or T-shits, and finally I came across these beauties at Better Bodies.

Athlete T-back, Green camoprint //Here

Fitness V-tee, Camoprint //Here

V-neck cut rib tank, green camoprint //Here

Athlete tank, Camoprint //Here

Yeah, this has my name all over it.  It's official - I'm hooked.  ;)

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