tirsdag 26. mars 2013

PURO Stylister & Pampering

It was time for some spring fixer-upper for my hair - It's been crying for help for some time now, so time to give it some TLC :)

If you're in Drammen and your hair is in need of some love, Puro Stylister is the place you want to be.  "Puro" means "Purity", which is their guideline in everything they do, all from hair products to mineral make-up.  They have a modern chic salon with VIP rooms for make-up and bridal parties as well as a Hair-SPA section.

As you know, I'm extremely picky about my hairdressers - nobody touches my hair without convincing me that they know exactly what they're doing first! 
(...I know, I'm a bit crazy when it comes to my hair.) 

I would never recommend a salon or a hairdresser that I wouldn't trust with my own hair, and there aren't many of those...

If you go to one of my two girls, Maryam (center in yellow) or Mai (on the right in grey), your hair is in safe and skilled hands.

Getting Ready for some Pampering!

Their service is impeccable.  They are all friendly and welcoming, and you really feel relaxed in one of their massage chairs or out in front with magazines and a good cup of coffee.

Gotta love the "Foil" look while waiting for highlights to work their magic.  :)

It felt absolutely amazing to lighten up the look a little with highlights after the winter.  A nice fresh look for spring.  Even my dry hair feels silky smooth after bleach - love it! 

Ms Happy Camper with "New" Hair

I highly recommend Puro!  Try them out - your hair will thank you for it! :)

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