tirsdag 23. april 2013


Rings a bell?  That's right, Forrest Gump - oh, how I love that movie ♥ One of my favourite movies of all time ♥

Of course while in San Francisco, there was like no way that I wasn't going to stop by Bubba Gump!  I think it's absolutely awesome that Bubba Gump opened shortly after the release of the movie!  It's such a fun concept!

From then on if I wanted to get somewhere I was runnin!

Me being a big Forest Gump fan, I was just sitting there grinning from ear to ear as soon as we entered.

Remember when Forest ran all across America?   They actually put up a huge blinking map with the route that Forest ran up on the wall - how cool is that?  Love it!

The whole place was covered in little details from the movie that just made it so much fun.

I know everything there is to know about the shrimpin' business.

After we made our order, the waiter quizzed us about the movie - me thinking I had it aaaaall under control, there was just no way I wouldn't know the answers.... yeah right.  Ha ha ha :)   I was shocked at how little I remembered!

Question number 1:  What two sports did Forest participate in during the movie?

Question number 2:  What was Bubba's full name?

Question number 3:  Which two musicians did Forest meet during the film?

Did you get them all?  I didn't!  My mind went blank!  I really need to see that movie again soon.  :|
Answers: 1 = American Football, Table Tennis, 2 = Benjamin Buford Blue, 3 = Elvis and John Lennon.
Oh well, shocking lack of memory aside, the food was great, and the fresh and fruity drink was to die for.

Can you say; yum?

The drink had alcohol, and for the first time in ages I was asked for ID!

Wow!  Ha ha ha, that just made my day!  The even funnier part was that I'm not sure if he actually believed us to be old enough due to my strange Norwegian type ID card.  He seemed really suspicious!

Priceless!  :)

Oh well, we got our drinks in the end, and they were absolutely lovely, though they seemed extremely low on the alcohol content. ;)


They had this really cool system for when you needed to get hold of one of the waiters.
There were two signs put up on every table - a blue one saying "Run Forrest Run", and a red saying "Stop Forrest Stop" - pretty self explanatory right?  Worked like a charm too.

Of course I just had to buy one of these babies and bring home with me, as this seems to be a saying that I'll never stop using, so now I have a large blue sign next to my desk saying "Run Forrest Run".  Awesome.  :)

Of course I ended up finding more Forrest Gump goodness that I brought home with me that I'll show you later.

Moi - enjoying some fruity goodness!

Bottom line:  If you're in the US - go to Bubba Gump, and come prepared to be quizzed!

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