tirsdag 25. juni 2013


Here are some picture moments from the wonderful bachelorette party, with the simply the best girls! ♥ 

The day started early at my place, for champagne breakfast and some hide and seek!  One by one the bride found her friends, hidden in closets and what not!  :)  Great way to start to the day!

Here I am, part of the "Bride's Crew", ready to get going! The mood was sky high, everybody laughing and getting wired up for the next part of the day! 

Here she is, the Bride to be, wondering where on earth we're taking her! We of course encouraged her theories, the more crazy the better.  In other words, we and had loads of fun and entertainment in the car! 

I think the best theory was the one where she thought she'd be dressed up as a dog, crawling through tunnels and jumping through hoops, doing agility training for dogs! Ha ha ha :)

Our next stop was an event center, with no dogs, where the first activity was shooting - with paintball guns!

...at these little buggers!  Let's just say we were all pretty awesome at it.

Next on the program - Sumo wrestling!  Oh my, I can't remember ever laughing this hard.  It was absolutely epic!

There is no bachelorette party without a mechanical bull involved!

And now ...*drumroll*

Human Bowling!

Yes, you sit inside the ball, and roll to the cones and try to knock them over!  Pretty hilarious.

After this, the next stop was going to a record studio, to record our lovely voices of course! :)

And what other song to choose, then "Girls just wanna have fun"!  It's actually surprisingly hard to sing when you're trying to sing it properly...

The singing and giggling was followed by dinner, chatting, sharing of stories and fun memories at one of the girls amazingly pretty homes, in picture perfect surroundings - most of us was just standing there with out mouth open, threatening to move in!  Ha ha! :)

After dinner, it was time for "The Potato Race"!  I think this has to be the point in the evening when we were all crying with laughter.
If you're involved with a hen night, and need any new ideas, I really really suggest you try out this one after a glass of wine or three - it is a sure winner!

So the idea is simple. 
You have two teams performing a relay race with a string, a potato and a match box.  You tie the potato in a string around your waist, make it swing, and push the match box along the ground until you reach the end and the next contestant on the team!  Sounds easy right?

Let's just say it wasn't all that easy, but it was a lot of fun!

And of course then the night was finished off in style, with VIP access out in a club, where we had more laughter and good times.  


A wonderful end to an amazing day!  Wish you all the best for the future, lovely bride to be, and all you wonderful girls! Hope to see you all again soon! 

Hugs and kisses all around! ♥ ♥ ♥

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