fredag 21. juni 2013


If so, I recommend you try out these pink and funny looking things from Glitter

They may look strange, but they really work, and even better - they cause 0 harm to your hair.  Curls with no heat involved, and nothing to tear at the hair strands as they're super soft.

You simply put your hair through, roll it up, pull the end bit through the end loop, and voila - there you go, a hair friendly little roll.  Really easy.  You can find them //HERE.

They are soft and comfortable, but I wouldn't nessescary sleep with them on.... unless you want to wake up to this the morning after!

Ha ha ha ha, it was just hilarious! Good morning Curly Sue - you could say I was a bit shocked when I looked in the mirror.


I got some serious flashbacks to my days with perm.... *shiver*

I see no perm for me in the near future, but I might have another go with these pink rollers to try another look... without keeping them in overnight this time...  ;)

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