onsdag 24. juli 2013


Mølen.  Mølen  has a very special place in my heart.

All the way back from when I was a little girl, I used to come here every summer with my family - sitting on the rocks enjoying the sun, listening to the waves, enjoying the peace and quiet.

When I was just a few years old, I was peeking at all the boats passing by through my dads binoculars.  I could be at it for hours.  Imagine a little girl in her diaper, holding huge binoculars - quite a sight I'm sure!  :)

When I got a few years older, I was obsessed about all the pretty stones at Mølen, wanting to collect them all - which were quite a few, as the whole place is basically made out of smooth and polished rocks.  I put them into my pockets, ready to take all of Mølen home with me.

At the end of the visit I would be stomping around, holding my shorts as tightly as I could as they were constantly falling, heavy under the weight of all the stones in my pockets!  My parents still laugh about this.

Of course I wasn't allowed to them home with me, to my huge disappointment, but it does make quite a funny story... and I would be doing the same thing over again during the next visit - stubborn? Me? Never. ;)

To all of you little girls out there that want to collect those stones, wherever you are - wear a belt

These days I've passed my obsessive stone collecting phase, and I'm quite happy just sitting and enjoying the view.

I wish I had time to go out and just sit for hours.  There is no other place like this.  Wonderful place to just let your thoughts wander and the time fly past.


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