fredag 5. juli 2013


Back home, and back in business - it was absolutely awesome to do a proper session in the gym yesterday.  My muscles are nice and sore, and my back seems to be behaving.

I just really love the feeling of sore muscles!  I know, it sounds strange, but if you're a fellow "fitness/strength-enthusiast" I'm sure you know what I mean.  ;)

Finally I'm able to step back down into the main strength room in the gym, no longer having to sit up at the podium with tons of small stationary machines (which are really good - but boring), staring longingly down at people doing dead lifts and squats!
Even though I can't do dead lifts, I can finally do light weight squats, and I felt like kissing the dumbbells as I was back to doing chest press and curls! 
I still need to be careful, and take good care of my back.  Lighter weights, ice and rest is needed, and so is patience.... which is I'm continuously working on ;)

Earlier, when my back started to act up, I needed a little motivation boost.  I decided that since I've been working out like never before in my life for over a year now, I deserved some new gear!
To me, there's nothing better then some new gear from Better Bodies - my absolute favorite brand of fitness products.  I decided to get myself a new pair of pants, as well as a new V-Tee.

"A loose and baggy soft pant tucked together with elastic band at bottom leg! Made in a really high quality fabric treated with carbon brush and garment wash for a nice soft feeling! Fine cotton mixed with Lycra to achieve a perfect fit on an athletic body. Raw rib in waist, raw piping along sides, back pockets, front pockets, cracked print on leg. – Cool look with a soft felling!"

These are like the best soft pants - ever! Super soft and comfortable -  Love it!

"It has been a great challenge to develop a really good t-shirt to be used in the gym with superior functionality and good athletic look! Many athletes use tank tops during intensive workouts, but there is a growing demand for really good gym t-shirts in good performance fabric! Together with our best athletes we have developed the Fitness V-tee, with very short sleeves, tight fitted upper part and a bit loose at waist. Deep V-cut at front with a awesome Better Bodies print at chest, -all contributes to the unique look.

The Meryl fabric we use for this product has a very good moisture management system that transports perspiration away from the skin very quick!"

This V-Tee has my name written all over it.  I love the design, and I have a huge soft spot for camo print.  I really needed a break from bright colors in the gym right now.  Don't get me wrong, it's great, but my eyes needs a break from shock pink, shock turquoise .... and you just can't go wrong with camo in my book.  :)

Just missing the aviators, and and then I'm ready to head off to the gym!  :)

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