onsdag 14. august 2013


As the title says, today it was time for some cardio in the dark!  Well, not voluntarily.

It was really strange stomping away on the treadmill in the dark along side other people, their faces slightly green, lit by the display on the machines.
After a while the light started going on and off as electricians started to try to fix the issue I'm sure.  Oh well, it was for sure a new workout experience!

Feeling really silly doing the TRX Crunch

Today was the first day back in the gym for about four weeks... and let me just say that I wish it hadn't been four weeks.  It was pretty tough. The little time I spent on the treadmill felt really heavy which I found rather scary to be honest.  Intervals is going to be an absolute pain, but hey, at least it seems that I'm able to actually use the treadmill again now after my back injury!  *keeping-fingers-crossed*

I decided that I needed to add some more abs exercises to my program, but I need to be really careful because of my back.  At the moment I'm trying and failing.  The Torso (Russian) Twist with medicine ball was an absolute failure as the back position caused way to much strain on my lower back, but maybe the TRX Crunch will do the trick!

Treadmill: 10 min, steep incline, fast walk

Shoulder Press - 10x3
Side Lateral Raise 8x3
Tricep Pusdowns 10x3
Shrugs 10x3
Cable Chop 8x2
TRX Oblique Crunch 5x3
Plank 2x 30sec
Leg raise 3x7

yours truly a.k.a ms-happy-camper

Overall a pretty good start after the summer! I just can't wait to build some more muscle and finally start seeing some serious defined goodness!

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