mandag 19. august 2013


Check out the posing on this guy!  Attention, yes please!  He's just adorable. :)

He's hilarious though, as he loves the attention, yes... but... it's not that simple apparently.  He really despises the camera...  Why?  Who knows.  I've put it down to kitty logic.

When taking pictures, he starts by looking at you and is all in to it (a.k.a attention please) for about 30 seconds tops, then the tail starts swishing around, and before you know it he's running away.
Loving the attention, but for some reason he really doesn't like the camera.  
Maybe it said something to him. Complex messages we would just not comprehend.  Oh well, It's tough being a cat I'm sure.

Maybe it's not Cloud - The Feline Model, but more; Cloud - The Camera-shy Cat?

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