onsdag 7. august 2013


How would you feel, drinking a latte with your own face on it?

To attract more customers from bigger, more established coffee chains, Taiwanese coffee chain Let’s Café decided to print its customers’ faces on their lattes.  Using a special coffee printer, customers could upload their photos to the machine, and the printer will instantly reproduce their image using cocoa powder.

Ridiculously original and fun, or slightly creepy?  Are latte portraits the future of coffee?

4 kommentarer:

  1. It think it's creepy! I mean, why would you want to drink your own face?!

    1. I know, the drinking your face bit is a bit creepy.... but I think the idea of printing stuff on your beverage with cocoa powder is kinda cool... it has potential, but maybe not your own face?? lol

  2. Not creepy until I saw the pic of the woman drinking the coffee with her own face on it. That's slightly weird. Think I prefer the awesome 3d coffee art you posted earlier to this one.

    But if they had different images (not of people) or maybe uplifting quotes or I dunno. Just give me my coffee already! ;)

    1. Ha ha ha, yeah I know.

      Even though I think this one has potential (if you remove the actual face from the equation), and the 3D one is really cute... I think I still prefer the old fashioned 2D version, with milk and coffee.

      I have to say, being "crazy-artist-person", that I love the thought of being creative, even with beverage. I think it's cool what they are able to do with just milk and coffee, but even so, I would have problems ruining an art work of a modelled cute cat or dragon on my coffee cup. It's like it's not for drinking any more - even though yes it's still awesome.

      I don't mind if my coffee has a heart or a smiley on it. Just one of those little things that make you smile. :)