fredag 16. august 2013


The second part of my journey to Copenhagen this summer in pictures.  Copenhagen is such a beautiful city.

How would you like to have this guy lighting up the streets for you while walking home at night?

The world famous statue of "The Little Mermaid" from the fairytale with the same name by Hans Christian Andersen.

I think this is my favourite shot, with the graffiti.  Loving the reflection on the wall and all the grittyness.

While wandering around in some of the side streets I came across some really cosy areas.  Look at this picturesque and adorable little street.

Original, or just plain weird, water outlet for rain water?  Well, it for sure is different... and kind of interesting. A whole wall of these most definitely catches your attention.

I absolutely fell in love with this building.  It looks like it straight out of a fairytale with those amazing vines and branches crawling all over the building.   Isn't it beautiful?


Another flower covered street close to the city centre, with bikes and so many random things about - just look at the globe over on the right!

Two things you can never have enough of;  Beautiful parks and Castles of course.  :)

Passing by the beautiful waterfront "Nyhavn".

Above you see Fredrik's Church, or rather "The Marble church" as it's normally called.  Next time I'm in Copenhagen I think I'll have to pop my head in the door.

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