tirsdag 13. august 2013


I took so many pictures during our trip to Copenhagen that I will have to split it up into two separate posts, so here are the Cruise shots!

Can you imagine that the cruise ships going from Norway to Denmark used to cost 17,- NOK?  This poster just made me giggle, I mean 17 kroner, that's kinda cute.  :)

Time to leave Oslo behind and head out in to the calm seas.  Weather was really lovely as we embarked.


Got a couple of good shots of some feather clad visitors.  :)

As we headed to the pool deck the weather suddenly shifted, and it was pouring down like crazy.

Bye bye Oslo!

When we went for our duty-free shopping spree we were greeted by this cute little guy!  Gotta love Lego.  :)

Wandering around on board DFDS' cruise ship.

The boat going from Oslo to Copenhagen is a good size for a mini-cruise.
If you're planning on doing this trip while visiting Norway or Denmark, be prepared for the fact that it is fairly small boat, compared to other large cruise liners around the world, and so are the cabins. It's far from an american sized cruise ship, but it definitely has it's charm.

The service was unfortunately not much to brag about in general.  Fortunately the receptionists at the main desks were friendly and helpful, but other than that we unfortunately encountered some rather rude employees and others that would rather not be bothered.  Not the most service minded crew I've met I'm afraid.

Commodore Class cabin with a view is for sure the way to go - absolutely no doubt about it.

The buffet had a nice variety of dishes, and was one of the better ones I've been to, and it of course had a stunning view.

Enjoying the sunset with a glass of red wine.

....and off we sailed, into the sunset.


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