mandag 5. august 2013


Here the other day we bumped into two rather interesting guys:  Two llamas!

No, we were not in a Zoo, we were out walking.... in the countryside... in Norway.  Llama.  Right.

So, is llama a pet that's common in Norway, and it's just me not keeping up with the times?  I can say that I definitely didn't expect bumping into these two furry fellows right next to a beach.  By all means, they were very well behaved and quiet, no spitting... but I think I'll stick to cats for now.

He did look kinda funny and cute where he was sitting with his mouth open, blinking slowly...  They did not seem affected at all as people were walking by and pointing.  They just kept on chewing and seemed to enjoy the sun.

We met no other unexpected furry creatures for the remainder of the walk, but we did see a lot of how lovely Norwegian nature is in summer.

....and then on our way home, guess who we bumped into - again!

They took a closer look at us in the car, before they turned around and lazily walked off into the sunset.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Holy Batmobile, those llamas are big! I'd have been nervous if I saw those two randomly walking along the road towards me! Maybe llamas (isn't it spelled with two L's btw?) are the new ostriches? Or maybe people farm them for the wool, rather than the meat?

    1. Yeah, totally. They were really well behaved though I have to say... thank god.
      (Yeah, think you're right sweetie, fixed the "ll" issue :) Thanks for the heads up.)
      They might simply be some kind of pet? No? I have to admit I have no clue. Definitely something out of the ordinary, that's for sure.