lørdag 10. august 2013


Hello there and good morning my good peeps!  Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday.

Today we're going to wedding in Drammen to a dear friend of mine and her husband to be! Exciting!

I did a new and final version of her nails that turned out really well, so she was so excited about having the photographer taking close-ups of their hands with rings.  Cute! :)

These are the ones I did earlier - I just love this look.

I was considering giving my own nails the same treatment, but they had grown so long and nice all by themselves that I wanted to show off some natural nail for once!
... and guess what happens, an hour later, one of the nails splits in two. *sigh*  So yeah, now I have short nails.

I did just get some shellac that I really want to try out...  Maybe I'll have time before the wedding?  Hmmm....

Right now I just need to get ready to head over to where the ceremony will be and get my outfit in order.  I'll show you what I pick out later, think it's gonna be good ;)

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