lørdag 17. august 2013


It feels good to slowly getting back to proper work-out routines again, even though my triceps aren't agreeing with me on the subject.  Agreeing or not, today was a good opportunity to do a nice long session to kick the rest of my body in to post-vacation mode!

Because of my back injury I've been taking it easy in the gym for the last few months in general, but today I saw some really promising signs for the time to come.  I was finally able to do some proper squats with barbell today, and I couldn't be happier!  Whoop, Whoop! :)  Patience is key.

Treadmill: 10 min, steep incline, fast walk

Squats (with varying weight): 20x2, 15x2, 8x2
Bench Press - Barbell: 8x3
Bench Press - Dumbells: 10x3
Flyes: 8x2
Cable Crossovers: 13x2
Dumbbell Curl: 8x3
Cable Curl: 8x2

Next week it's PT time!  Time to tighten up the program, getting back to proper heavy duty routines, and get things cookin'!

Excited?  Yes!

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