onsdag 21. august 2013


Time to wake up and smell the coffee!  ;)

Today is PT time - first time after the vacation!

Full restructuring of my workout week is coming up, and I'm ridiculously excited!  I find planning and mapping out all my workouts motivating - I love having order.  Putting down goals and sub-goals, seeing the full week all mapped out - it just feels good.

For the occasion of planning and re-structuring I've bought myself a little companion for keeping track - a work-out diary!

image from fotballfrue.no

I've been using apps, and I still will to keep my actual session with a list of exercises close at hand on my iphone, but to do week planning and tracking I really needed something new.
I love the idea of pen and paper as well and not just using phone apps to be honest, so I'm having high hopes.

image from fotballfrue.no

Have you tried using a workout diary for planning your week?

Now that finally my back seems to be more or less co-operating I'm just totally wired to get some serious results!

Wish me luck!

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