tirsdag 29. oktober 2013


Føler du for å spice opp garderoben din med litt kitty cuteness?  Choupette Lagerfeld kommer til unnsetning!

//Feeling like spicing up your wardrobe with some kitty cuteness?  Choupette Lagerfeld comes to the rescue!//

KARL LAGERFELD has launched an accessories line inspired by his famously pampered cat, Choupette. The collection will be available to buy from Lagerfeld stores from November 13.

The range - which is solely created in the designer's signature monochrome - features a knitted cap with cat's ears and leather whiskers, a leather cat-shaped tote bag, fingerless gloves, a key chain, a wool scarf, a cross-body bag and iPad and iPhone covers. Prices start at €45 for a knitted cap to €340 for a leather bag, WWD reports.

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