fredag 23. november 2012

Coffee Italian Style

If you ever pass by Drammen and are feeling thirsty, you should really check out the Italian coffee shop Barista in the city center at Bragernes Torg.

They so have the best coffee in town.  Popped by there this morning for a double cappuccino.

I highly recommend it :)

In the summer it's a perfect place to drop by and get some proper Italian gelato and go for a stroll along the river afterwards.
*Pssst* They also sell this amazing sweet ice coffee called a Cremosito that is the best there is. Seriously.

Cloud wanted to pop by to send you all a great big *puurrrr* and wish you all a great weekend!


2 kommentarer:

  1. hei jeg heter clarissa
    jeg jobber på Barista den italiensk bar
    jeg er 14 år

    1. Så koselig :) Håper du får prøvesmake den kjempe gode isen!