lørdag 24. november 2012

TOAST your gadgets?

Good morning my good peeps!

I'm just popping by to show you this great thing I came across while browsing the web.  I stumbled across a shop called TOAST.  They sell sell clever solutions and natural materials to our hi-tech world.  Specifically covers made of real wood veneers, for iphone, ipad and ipad mini with elegant designs. 

Another great thing about TOAST is that they use only renewable energy and donate one percent of their sales to environmental non-profits working to restore, protect and create a healthy planet.

Their designs are available in three different finishes which are; Walnut, Ash and Bamboo.

They have some really nice designs in the shop already, but you can also create your own custom made cover - company logo, initials, anything you like really.

Here are some of their designs.

So, cool or what?  They feel so Scandinavian to me with the simple and elegant wood finish.  I really like it.  This is so making it to my wishlist this year.

Have a good one!

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