torsdag 22. november 2012

Interior & Decoration - Christmas inspiration

This will be the first Christmas - ever - that we are having family staying and celebrating at our place, and it's going to be so nice.  I'm really looking forward to it.

I can't wait to get started with - again for the first time ever - baking cookies and decorating for Christmas in our own home!   *happy-dance*
I love decorating, so this is going to be loads of fun!  Pardon me getting all excited here!  Ha ha ha :)
Our first Christmas tree - just imagine Cloud and Tifa! (...hanging in the tree I'm sure.)    It's going to be a Christmas to remember!

There is one little issue though... We recently moved into a new apartment, and before that we lived in Canada - in other words; we have max three pieces of Christmas decorations.
On the other hand, maybe it's not a problem, and instead it is in fact - an opportunity. 

There are so many lovely things to choose from.  Everywhere I turn people are so eager to get the Christmas decorations out already, also on several of the blogs I read. 
Here on Camilla Phils blog she is discreetly starting to put lovely decorations out, and in Tomines Hjem, (where she has that absolutely amazing wall clock,) she is also feeling the Christmas spirit. So pretty blogs

Personally I'm a bit in love with the neutral tones, but then again... does it really feel like Christmas?

I created several mood-boards in Pintrest last night collecting inspiration for different types of decorating.
I'll be linking to the Pintrest boards below, just click the link above the pictures.


 (I took none of the images above, they are all from Pintrest and should link onwards to their owners from there.)


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