torsdag 22. november 2012

Starry Eyed & Wooden Hearts

Today I passed by the beautiful showroom of the store LG Belysning & Interiør, and let me tell you, they have so many lovely pieces in there.  If you need anything for home and interior decorating, this place is for sure worth popping by.
Here, take a peek at their latest brochure.  Gorgeous isn't it?

Today I found this beautiful cup

He had some friends that he couldn't leave behind, so they had to come too...

Lucky find if you ask me, they're so gorgeous Me be miss HappyCamper! :)

Perfect size Imagine this... filled with hot cocoa on those cold winter evenings *sigh* 

Cloud and Tifa got a little something as well.  We named him Bob, and you can see Cloud carrying him around on the left picture... don't think Bob survived the encounter.  Poor Bob.

Cloud sends greetings from his throne (AKA scratch post) and wishes you all a good night

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