fredag 30. november 2012

Yoga for Inspiration

So, I have to admit that I've been skeptical to Yoga in the past due to two reasons: 

One, I had this idea that it really wasn't all that challenging and didn't pack a punch as a form of work-out.
Two, I unfortunately attended a poorly executed class years ago which left me feeling really horrible after.

Now, apparently times are changing - I'm surprised to find myself starting to really like it. :)

As a variation and a break from heavy strength work-outs it's actually quite lovely.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a walk in the park - it can be pretty straining, but what's not to love about that? :)

That said, I want to share this amazing video with you - it leaves me speechless every time I see it, it's so unbelievable amazing and inspiring.

There are some pretty tough positions to hold, but no worries, there are easier moves and less advanced version of moves as well - thank God.  If not I'd be sprawled out all over the floor!
Ha ha ha, I'd love to see me trying out some of the moves above... or not.  Maybe some day!  Never say never right? ;)

Firstly, what I'm finding that I like about Yoga is - the focus - you are so focused on breathing and holding your current position that you disconnect from everything else.
Secondly, it can pack a real punch during some of the positions, and I love a good work-out.

It really makes a nice change here and there from all the heavy lifting in the gym, so if you need a change, then maybe this is for you? 

One last thing...  
*/rant start*
Remember that your instructor changes everything.  Bad instructor + bad instructors yoga = baaaaad experience.  If the instructor pushes your joints and forces your body into positions - get out of the class, seriously.  Stretching is all fine, you're supposed to feel something to be sure, but not to the point where your body is forced and you're experiencing pain!  Getting joint problems? Quit.  Give it a rest, and try somewhere else.
*/rant done*

If you wanna just test it out at home in a calm environment at your own pace, I highly recommend  Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners. It has a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere, and this guy so knows what he's doing.  Great for first time testing.

Hope you're having a smashing Friday! :)

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