søndag 2. desember 2012

Hectic but Productive Day

Wow, what a hectic day!

Very productive as well is important to mention - I think we bought almost  all the Christmas decorations we need today!  Just missing some center pieces for the tables and some small nick-knacks, and we're all good.

We even got ourselves a lovely little Christmas tree - it's so round and fuzzy - love it!  Best tree ever!  Not to mention, first tree ever as well.  It really does feel special, our first Christmas tree.

Cloud and Tifa have never seen a tree before, so let's just say that this is really interesting!
So far they've been very well behaved; no hanging upside down in the tree - yet,  but they have been trying to eat it...

So you wanna bet how many days it will take before we find a cat in the tree? Ha ha ha! :)

Tomorrow I'm gonna start decorating.  Can't wait to see!  Here there shall be Christmas all of December! Woho! :)

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