onsdag 19. desember 2012

Moments - Norwegian Pepperkaker

Pepperkaker, or Ginger biscuits, is mandatory around here at Christmas time.  This year is the first year I'm actually baking them myself, and from scratch.  Mama's recipe, of course ;)

For the occasion I bought some really nice cookie cutters - and having some kitty ones were a given.  :)

♥ ♥ ♥

Neither of these are meant for these type of cookies, but what the heck!  I think they turned out super cute :)

Trying (and failing) to write God Jul (Merry Christmas) on a cookie...

Ha ha ha, what do you think about the smiley star and martini glass? Epic :)

On Friday the actual Christmas break and celebrations starts for us, and I can't wait to try out the cookies... a bit sad to only cook and not being able to taste.  Oh well, soon I shall has cookies!  My body will probably go in to sugar shock! Ha ha ha :)  Just kidding, I'm sure I'll be just fine.

The two best assistants we could ever ask for was of course giving a helping paw!

Pardon the blurry picture, but the baking helper didn't want to sit still!  :)


Good luck onwards with Christmas preparations guys and gals! :) 

Have a good one!

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