onsdag 30. januar 2013

Deadlift & Progresssion

Wow, it was an early morning today, and now I'm just totally beat.  Absolutely exhausted. 

My favorite coffee cup from Starbucks New York ♥ A really great companion in the early hours.

I did manage to pull of a really good session with my PT today - and he seriously had my legs pulling some serious weight. I even felt a tad shaky after!  Gotta love it!

On the work-out program for this morning was all the nice big and heavy exercises, and his goal was to have me crawling out of there as we agreed last session.  He didn't quite succeed, but he was getting there for sure ;)

I have to admit that I'm a bit proud after the session...  *blush*  I set a new personal record in Deadlift!  Remember how I mentioned some time ago that my PT was considering increasing the weight to 75kgs?  Well, today he increased it to 80kgs, aaaand I managed!  Wheeee!  *Happydaaance*


Todays Workout:
Treadmill: 30 minutes, incline 12, speed 6 (with my short legs = a pulse of 170 in 10 min)

Deadlift: 50-60-70 & 80kgs

Leg Set x2:
- Leg extensions max out
- Barbell Squats 30 kgs max out
- Kettlebell Lunges 8x2 kgs max out

(Now that, and only a break after a finished set... my legs absolutely felt that one.  Nice and tough way of doing legs.)

Chest Super set:
Chest Press Barbell 30 kgs max out
Flyes 6 kgs max out

A shot of my barbell filled up with 80kgs! :)

I just have to mention that even though some have asked for progress pictures, I'm just not that comfortable with posing in front of a camera and putting tons of pictures of myself at the blog, at least not for now.  It isn't a big deal, but I think I'll wait just a while longer.
I'll post in the future - I promise!  :)

In not long I'll probably be posting the results from my in-body tests however!  Showing in numbers exactly what's been happening - before and after.  I'm really exited to see the results!  In a month or two perhaps.  It's gonna be good.  :)

I'll be testing out another muffin recipe either today or tomorrow that I'll post on the blog if It's "approved".  I only bother posting the ones I like.  Some more healthy goodness with some protein on top.  ;)

So I've feed the birds outside in the cold, Tifa has gotten her tuna, Cloud has gotten his chicken snacks, and I have finished my protein shake of the day.  Now I'm going to quite literally go over and collapse in the sofa.
Time for me and the VM sweater to have another chat.  I've finally started to get the main pattern underway. :)

Aight, have a good one guys and gals!

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