tirsdag 22. januar 2013

Freezing & xoxo

It's freeezing ! Jeez!  Going to work-out today was an extremely cold experience!  Thank god for Canada Goose jacket and home knitted wool socks.

I'm kinda looking like I'm going to the north pole....  it was more like ice skating than walking outside today.  *Brrrrr*

Todays Work-out:
Quick Warm-up - Treadmill 12 incline, 6 speed
Lateral Pulldowns - Wide Grip
Row, Bent-Over - Barbell
Straigth-Arm Pulldown
Shrugs - Dumbbells
Seated Cable Rows - Wide Grip

I'm still sore from yesterdays Chest and Bicep work-out, and something tells me that tomorrow is going to be interesting.  Deadlift, and barely able to move? No problemo! Ha ha, this is going to be good! ;)

They've been renovating the Gym, and that includes some new equipment, including these little beauties.  I just had to take a shot of them! Pink kettle bells is just adorable!
Too bad they're not heavier - I would have looooved to see the look on the big muscle guys faces if they had to use pink kettle bells! :) Wouldn't you?

A new class just started up not long ago at Elixia called "Fast, Fit and Fabulous" - you might have seen commercials of it on TV if you're here in Norway.  On that occasion they have decorated the gym a little extra.  Look what met me in the mirror after work-out!  

Now, that's cute.  :)

Have a good one!

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