torsdag 10. januar 2013

Knits - Asus Transformer Prime

Some time ago my husband requested a new cover for his tablet, which is an Asus Transformer Prime.  It's a tablet computer with touch screen, kinda like the Ipad.

Of course, with a name like that, there was no doubt in my mind of the motif for the knitted cover.
Introducing, the beloved Optimus Prime from Transformers - the knitted version! :)

For creating the logo of Optimus I used a nifty pattern generator I found online called Knitpro.  It's completely free, and it works well on some things, but not others.  You upload an image, and it generates the pattern for you.  With a black and white logo like this, it worked really well, and saved me some extra work. It's definitely worth checking out.

Below is the Optimus Prime logo I found on google...

And here is the result after putting it through the Knitpro generator. 

After that it was just to knit away, pretty straight forward.   I went over and did some slight tweaking around some of the edges with a needle and yarn, sewing a few stitches to even out some of the lines.  I think the result was pretty good.

Here are some close-ups :)

This would work great for a sweater or a cap as well I'm sure, don't you think?  :)

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