fredag 11. januar 2013

M.E. T.I.M.E


I put aside time for some "me-time", and it was oh so needed - absolutely lovely.

Being sick and feeling rather horrible for days, taking the time for a little spa session did wonders.  I might still be sick, but for sure I'm feeling a lot better then what I did just hours earlier. :)

Mud masks are always fun - there is just no way around looking like the Hulk after applying!  :) 

I personally think it's really important to set aside some time for just you, taking care of yourself, giving yourself space to breathe and relax.  It does wonders.
Set aside an evening, head out and pick up a few products like facial masks, body scrub, bath salts and lotions.
Find the softest towels possible, turn off your phone, and dive in.  

Advice from me to you; get a big soft bath robe - it's so worth every penny to be able to snuggle up in one of those.  ♥   If you've got some soft snuggly slippers, go get them.   

To make the evening even better, while waiting for mud mask to dry, or the hair treatment to work it's magic, put on your favorite TV show accompanied by some chocolate and a glass of your favorite wine.


Tomorrow I'm doing a continuation of sorts, as I'm going to test out my new hair extensions. I ordered them for new years, thinking of going for long wavy and glamorous look, but they unfortunately didn't arrive in time.
I've been pondering buying some for ages, wondering if they're actually worth the money...  Guess I'll find out tomorrow  ;)


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