onsdag 13. februar 2013

Calling all Girls in the Oslo area - Self Defense Course!

All you girls living in the Oslo area, heads up! 
There is another Self Defense course at the Krav Maga Academy coming up on the 17th of February.

It costs only a 100 kr and is a great opportunity.  I've done one of these myself, and it's a really good experience that I would recommend to anyone. You get a hell of a work-out, and learn some life saving tips that will make you safer out walking in the Oslo streets.

Anyone over 15 years of age can join! Check out their webpage kravmagaacademy.no for the specifics, or send them an e-mail saying you're interested in joining at registrering@kravmagaacademy.no

Hurry!  Time is running out!

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