fredag 1. februar 2013

Cravings - MUUBAA

Ok, so I'm way into video-editing-land, trying to finish off the basic knitting introduction for the blog - and then of course things crash.... and crash... so, time for a break.  Time for some "window-shopping" on the web!

I've had these insane cravings for something new to add to my wardrobe lately... you know that feeling, when it kinda just sneaks up on you and you don't know what hit you?  Yeah, that one.

On of my all time favorites has to bee the jackets from MUUBAA. They are, in lack of a better word, amazing.  Soft, chic and just a bit out of the ordinary. 
There is only one other jacket that has ever topped these babies, and that was one beige lovely from GUESS some years ago that I had to leave on the hanger.  *sigh*

Here are some of my favs

I think this one below has to be my favorite from their spring & summer 2013 collection.  It so has my name all over it.  

Ok, time to get back to the video editing here, before the window shopping escalates! 
Have a great start to the weekend! :)

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