onsdag 13. februar 2013

Fun & Creative Valentine Food Inspiration!

It's Valentines tomorrow, and we all want to spend time with our loved one.
The classic scenario has a glass of wine or champagne in front of the fireplace, heart shaped chocolate, a lovely dinner and some flowers on the program for the evening...

A nice finish for the evening to be sure, but how about adding something little extra earlier in the day - something fun and lighthearted?

While browsing for inspiration I came across some wonderful food inspiration, a bit out of the ordinary - fun Valentine food creations - fun, and not in need of a master chef in the kitchen!  :)   


Fried Potato Hearts

Apple Hearts - Cutouts

Heart shaped Pepperoni on Pizza, Heart Shaped Pancakes, Heart shaped melon with Orange Arrows

Toast with a side of Heart Wrapped Sausage and Heart shaped ketchup

Cereal with Heart Shaped Strawberry center

Heart Shaped Water Melon

Amazing Heart Shaping Egg Idea

Heart Shaped Toast

Heart Shaped Marshmallows in Cocoa - Heart Shaped Toast and Egg Cutout

I'll be posting a great valentines recipe for muffins you guys, so stay tuned!

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