søndag 24. februar 2013

Instaweekend - Skiing & Ice cream!

Finally!  Skis on my feet for the first time in a decade or more.  Let's just say it was pretty interesting.  ;)

It was great fun, even though the sky was grey, and the skiing conditions could have been tons better, we had great company and it was really fun to be back skiing.

I was beyond rusty!  Oh wow... I was hoping for a pretty flat run, but of course there were hills and bumps all over the place.  (Yeah I know, terrain usually tends to do that sort of stuff...) At some point there was a really steep hill, and I actually sat down on my skis and used them to just slide while sitting all the way to the bottom of the hill! Ha ha ha, what a sight!

There should so have been a hidden camera somewhere capturing that! ....on second though, maybe not...  ;)

Here are some Picture Moments from our little adventure!  ;)

We had the mandatory break with oranges, cocoa, chocolate and chatting.  Next time we will bring a big nice thermos with hot chocolate!
I hope the weather will allow us to do one more skiing trip this year before all the snow melts away.  You can really feel spring in the air now, and the snow was wet and old.

After the skiing we decided to pop by Barista in Drammen for some ice cream!  Yup, you heard me, ice cream!  It was beyond yum.  Cookie ice cream and coffee - Mmmmmmnom!

I was looking as Norwegian as Norwegians can be I think, in Bergans, with Marius sweater and then topped off with "Norgeslua" - a cap with basically a Norwegian flag on it!

I finished the day off with some lovely dark chocolate and a glass of red wine, relaxing in front of the TV.  What better way to end a Saturday?  It's important to let your hair down on occasion.  ;)

Today I'm hoping to get some knitting done on the VM sweater.  I'm kinda excited to see how it turns out.
Tomorrow it's back to stricter eating plan and some serious heavy duty strength sessions in the gym.  It's going to be good.  So looking forward to it.  :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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