fredag 22. februar 2013

80kgs, Knitting & Helping Paws

Today I'm really gonna try to get well underway with the VM sweater.  It's going very slowly since the entire sweater is covered in patterns! 
Thankfully I have two amazing four legged assistants that are lending a paw or two, making the process very interesting at times...

It's going to be nice to just relax in the sofa now as I'm beyond sore after a great PT session! 

I went back up to my 80 kgs in Deadlift, with three reps of 80 before we took it down to 60.  Love it when the session is really tough, and I feel like I really accomplished something. 

When pushing so hard that your eyes water, then you know you've done a good job! ;)

Tomorrow will be skiing day, with new skis and all!
Hope I won't be falling all over the place since I haven't been skiing in.... like forever. Ha ha, fun!  :) 

There might be some pictures on the blog soon, with me head first into a pile of snow!

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