onsdag 20. februar 2013


Had a wonderful weekend, packed with great moments. Wonderful dinners, lunches, accompanied by the most heavy fog I have ever seen, and most importantly, wonderful people.

Here's my Instaweekend!

Me and three friends of mine went for a long walk through the woods on Sunday which ended up being my work-out.  A deer old friend of mine, and her two dogs Lana and Nemi! ♥ :)
A nice long walk with some Kvikk Lunsj! (Kvikk Lunsj is a Norwegian type chocolate you always bring when going for long walks or skiing trips - typical Norwegian tradition.)

We were nervously looking over our shoulders checking for deer and moose up in the woods, but the only four legged creatures we ran into only barked and were happy to see us. :)
We walked through the most amazing neighborhood with houses and a view to die for.  I mean, wow... yes please, I could live there yes. :)

Now here are "my" (I just borrow them) babies!  Lana and Nemi!  The most adorable four legged creatures in the whole world! (...except from Tifa and Cloud of course.)

♥ Nemi ♥

♥ Lana not wanting me to leave, bringing her teddy ♥  Aaaawwww ♥

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