fredag 22. mars 2013

Costume, Yarn & Vacay

*Aaah*  Morning work-out finished, leg muscles complaining, protein consumed - all is well in the world. 

Time to kick back for a few and enjoy the latest Costume with a home made skinny vanilla latte! :)  
Low calories, high yummyness level - we like.  Mmmmmmm om nom. 
I was in the creative corner today which resulted in a cinnamon heart on top.  


The yarn for the gift project has arrived, and it joined it's pink/beige siblings.  I think the color is really pretty.  Good choice.  :)

Today I'll be doing summer vacation planning.  It's going to be epic, just sayin' ;)  Now, where to this year....  can you guess?  ;)

 Have a great Friday! :)

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