torsdag 21. mars 2013

Pink Gel Nails & Dumbbells

Ahhh, I love love love having new shiny gel nails.  I have to admit that I love doing it myself so that I have full control.  Getting it just the way I want it!

This time I decided to go for natural tips and pink gel.  I think it turned out really pretty.  :)  Don't you?

Fascinating contrast when working out I have to say.  Super pretty and feminine nails against black rubber and rough metal!  But I think it's important that girls who lifts, should remain just that - girls;)

Have your tried out using pink gel?  Next time I'll go with the traditional french tips and clear gel I think.

I've been thinking.... What do you think of the look of this blog?  I'm considering changing to something less beige.  What do you think?

Have a good one!

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