fredag 1. mars 2013

Knits - High Fashion - "Dense" by Nanna van Blaaderen

Some time ago I came across the designer Nanna van Blaaderen.  Her her collections are like nothing I've ever seen - so chunky, so different and fascinating!  Earlier I made a post of a different collection she had named "More or Less", that really caught my eye.

Below are some shots from her collection "Dense".  The collection really is exactly that, with all that thick yarn, it's really dense.  Her pieces are fascinating, almost like the models are miniatures, and the fabric is knitted in doll size due to it's rough and chunky appearance.

"The hand knitted collection Dense is inspired by the relation between the human body and fabrics, between protection and vulnerability. Experimenting with techniques, with thick soft merino wool and dense shapes and forms, this collection of over sized garments expresses the interdependence between skin and fabric."
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Have a great weekend!

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