søndag 3. mars 2013

Picture Moments - Sunday Scones & Sunsets

I can now inform you that whole grain scones are really yummy, in case you were wondering for some reason, and they're also a great little energy boost during a weekend before a workout session.  And it's official, I love raisins! ;)

Tomorrow is resting day, after completing the first week of my new work-out program:  Four days of heavy duty weight program (A.K.A 4-split), PT session one of the days, and then squeezing in two rest days.  Yeah, my muscles are looking forward to a day of break right now.  Just started this set-up, and I have to admit I'm curious to see how it's going to work out. Tiring, but fun!  :)

Alright, enough fitness talk, back to the scones!

Mmmmmyummm...  Not sure what's more yum, the scone, or the camera!  Ooooh, how I love love love this camera, it's absolutely a pure joy to take pictures!  Yes, you heard me - loooove I'm telling you! ♥ ♥ ♥ Nikon + Macro lens = pure joy!  ;)

Now, over to a less elegant camera, but to a much more fabulous view perhaps?  Not a bad thing having this as eye candy on your way home from work-out now is it?  Amazing skies, captured by my trusty iPhone.

Hope you're having a fabulously lazy Sunday!

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