torsdag 7. mars 2013

Skappeljakken & Wool Love

Today is rest day, and words can't say just how glad I am for that right now.
I am so so so tired, and sick on top of it, so right now resting is the smart thing to do for sure. 

When leaving Elixia yesterday, I bumped into one of the employees as I was exiting the building on street level, and she kindly reminded me to take off the green protective covers on my shoes after leaving the gym....
Did I mention I was tired?  Ha ha ha, I'm sure I would have walked all the way home, and then passed out of embarrassment as realization slowly would have dawned as I was taking my shoes off! :)

Anywho, over to something completely different!  :)
Remember me mentioning that I had been on a little Impulse shopping spree here the other day?
Well, here's the thing.

Remember this little beauty? 

In case you don't, or have never heard about it, I'll mention quickly that this gorgeous thing is called "Skappelgenseren", and it was/is a huge craze here in Norway.  If you're interested in recipe and the full story, check out my earlier post here.

I knitted this sweater in white, and it's one of my all time favorites - soft and fluffy. 
Quite some time ago now I laid my eyes on a later project the "Skappel trio" came up with, which was a really lovely cardigan in the same style as the sweater named Skappeljakken.   Again, this was love at first sight.
Here you have the lovely Camilla Pihl in hers.

Earlier I knitted the sweater in white, so I for sure didn't want to do the same for the jacket even though the color is lovely. 
There are many beautiful color combinations for both the jacket and the sweater, more then what you find on their official web page that you can take a look at here.

My favorite was the original version of the jacket that you see below, knitted in this beautiful alpakka combination with various grays, whites and browns in the actual yarn. 

I fell head over heals... and then I learn that the yarn type is out of production! You can imagine my disappointment.

Now, this is where my little impulse shopping spree comes in!  ;)

Out and about, I accidentally stumble across this many colored yarn in warm beige, browns and white  tones, at Nille! 
Nille is a store known for having a lot of strange misc items at a low price here in Norway.
I couldn't believe it.  100% wool, thick, soft, and absolutely gorgeous!  Super excited I grabbed more then I could carry!

Now that was pure luck!  And such lovely yarn!  The first thing I did when I got home was to do a test. 
Unfortunately the colors are a bit off since I took them with my iPhone in poor lighting conditions at night, but you get the idea.    :)

It works like a charm!  This basically means, that I will be able to knit with a single thread instead of double since the yarn is so thick, it will look at least as pretty as the original, be thick and warm, and not to mention, be less then half the price of the original version.  Now, that's a win win situation if you ask me  ;)

So, are you considering knitting Skappeljakken and live here in Norway?  You might want to pop by Nille for some yarn!  Just sayin' ;)

Hope you're having a great Thursday!

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