fredag 15. mars 2013

Tri-Sets & Kitty under Rug

And it's Friday!  We like Fridays ;)

Started the day off strong with a long back session in the gym this morning.  I just have to say, if you haven't tried out doing a Tri-set before, you should really give it a go.  It really packs a punch.

Today's Session
Bent-Over Row - Barbell
  • Lateral Pulldowns
  • Seated Cable Rows
  • Straight-Arm Pulldown
Cable Crossover - Upper Back
One Arm Row - Standing
Row - Standing

Love this saying about morning work-outs!

A Tri-set is when you line up three exercises in a row.  You don't have any break in between the three different exercises, you go from exercise to exercise without stopping.

In the example above I did:
  • Max out on Pulldowns, so about 10 reps. 
  • I got off the machine and went straight over to the seated cable rows and maxed it out at about 10 reps
  • Then, still with no break, went directly and did10 Pulldowns.  

After this, it's time for a break.  Repeat to a total of 3 times.  Trust me, on the third set, your muscles are nice and tender, and your reps will be halved which is fine.  Really good exercise.  :)

Classic Cloud - managing to get under the bathroom rug.. typical cat ;)

Cloud wishes you a great Friday, and an excellent weekend!

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