lørdag 27. april 2013


Ah, now that's an easy one - VESTLANDET / I miss western Norway!

I really miss driving along the fjords, or sitting and taking it all in, enjoying the view.  In my opinion there are few things as beautiful as western Norway in this world.

I miss Olden, and I still regret I didn't try to climb that glacier... but never say never, I still can! :)

You see that little farm all the way up in the mountains there?  I was there a long time ago with my parents.
Now, I actually really miss those days when we traveled all across the south of Norway, climbing on top every mountain top and remote settlement my mother could find.

I miss my hometown, Bergen, so much some times.  To me it's the prettiest and most adorable little city in the whole world.  It has so much personality, wonderful atmosphere, strange bits and pieces, and so many quirks - you just have to love it.

It's really strange how it feels so small now. ♥

I love love love these streets, like in Skuteviken or Sandviken, with the white small and oddly shaped houses tilted on the steep hills with the bumpy cobblestones - something about them really make me smile.

I miss my family and the home I grew up in.  Now I fortunately get to spend time with my closest family since Bergen is not so far away - only a short hour away by plane - so we can now see each other as often as we like.  It was hard living far away all the way over in Canada for several years.

I lost my dear uncle and neighbor while living abroad, and chance would have it that a visit to Norway was scheduled just in time for me to reach his funeral.

Luckily I moved home just in time to see my most beloved grandmother, who I miss more than anything, one last time before she passed away.  ♥

17th of May is coming up, and then it's time for family and tradition.  I can't wait to bring my husband with me to celebrate it "at home" for the first time, introducing him to "rømmegrøt"/sour cream porridge and the "buekorps"/drummer boys - it's not 17th of May without it!

I miss western Norway, with all its richness, all the lovely moments and memories it holds for me. It will always hold the most special place in my heart. ♥

Wow... this all just kinda came out - you know, one of those times when the text just writes itself.  An interesting experience I guess you could say.  :)

Now, it's time to go sleep - so tired.  Nighty night!

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