søndag 28. april 2013


When it comes to my favorite songs, it's a bit tricky.  I like so many different genres, and which I prefer really just comes down to my mood that particular day.

Today I'm totally in work-out mode, and for that I either go with some really heavy rocked out stuff, or some rnb/pop to get the pulse going.

This song is absolutely awesome for work-out (as long as I manage to not start singing out loud that is). It has a double beat, so it works for both heavy strength sessions as well as the treadmill - slow steep walk and slow grinding strength, or really running as fast as your legs till go on the treadmill as well as really punching those weights.  B is the best ;)

I absolutely love love love this song.  It has to be one of my all time favorites for sure.  Crank this baby up to the max, and step it up.  This is just wonderful for keeping it high intensity.  It's got that extra OOMPH that makes me take it all out no matter what I'm doing. Seriously, give me a punching bag and some gloves, and I swear I'd break the bag.

This is just my happy song, lighthearted, good speed, good rhythm, and it really does just stick in my head.  Kinda makes me wanna skip.  :)
Might be the best one yet Madcon! Woop Woop! So totally cheering for you guys.

This list, nice as it is, feels so one dimensional to me.  Because of that I want to show you something very different...
Below I've picked out 12 songs from some of my playlists and lined them up.

01 - Molossus - Hans Zimmer
02 - Chop Suey! - System of a Down
03 - Satisfaction - Benny Benassi presents The Biz
04 - Arrival to Earth - Steve Jablonsky
05 - Cold - Static-X
06 - I'm Forest, Forest Gump - Alan Silverstri
07 - We no Speak Americano - yolanda Be Cool, DCup
08 - Tonight You Belong To Me - Patience and Prudence
09 - Emmylou - First Aid Kit
10 - The Grid - Daft Punk
11 - Anytime, Anywhere - Sarah Brightman
12 - A case of You - Joni Mitchell 

I can go on and on... all from soundtracks, 50's, electronic, japanese, country - you name it... I like to think that I really do like a bit of everything.  All types of music.   It really all just comes down to what day it is. They are all favorites.

I've never fit into just one category in any context, a little box with a nice little label on it, and I never will. ;)

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  1. Varierte greier her ja - overlappet på en sang ser jeg... men hører du virkelig på japansk musikk?? =)

    1. Er vel en stund siden sist nå, men ja ;) Elsker japansk, nydelig språk.
      Nå den siste tiden har jeg hørt mer og mer på litt mer main stream musikk egentlig.